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Life enrichment happens here

Activities and events add quality of life

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Sandy, life enrichment director[/caption]

When someone visits Aberdeen Village to learn about the community, there is always a long list of questions that are asked. How much does it cost? What is included? What size of apartments do you offer? What type of care can you provide? While all of those questions are really important, you also want to ask how residents of our community enjoy life, combat loneliness and isolation, and have a better quality of life.

This is the focus of our life enrichment department.

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David, life enrichment assistant[/caption]

Enriching lives — it really is what they do. At Aberdeen Village, our life enrichment staff serves our whole community, from independent living to nursing care. These five people strive every day to connect our residents to their passions, interests, hobbies and continued lifelong learning opportunities.

Studies have shown that seniors who are isolated and alienated from others have higher mortality rates. Feelings of loneliness and depression can negatively affect both mental and physical health, which can lead to increased hospitalizations and an earlier need for long-term care.

What types of opportunities do we offer our residents at Aberdeen Village? Is it art that you are interested in? Weekly instructor-led art classes throughout our campus are designed to bring out the inner artist in everyone. Our Art is Ageless® competition is another way residents can share their creative side and enjoy lifelong learning. Some of our residents had never picked up a pencil or paint brush before coming to Aberdeen Village, but they have now found an outlet to learn and grow with our art classes.

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Ellen, life enrichment assistant[/caption]

Maybe you want to try your hand at our exercise, dancer-size and aquatic classes. These groups meet weekly. Not only do they offer the benefits of physical activity, the classes give people a chance to enjoy the company of other residents.

Some residents really enjoy one-on-one interactions with our life enrichment team. The individual visits are a great opportunity for our staff to understand better what it is that our residents need and want to be engaged in.

It is pretty safe to say that being involved, engaged and around others can make a huge difference in the life of a senior.

You don’t have to take our word for it, either — just listen to what some of our residents have to say in their own words!

I love being around my friends

Ardis Burley looks forward every day to seeing her friends at Aberdeen Village. “We enjoy cards, bingo, puzzles and crosswords. They help keep me sharp, and everything is always more fun with friends. I am an avid artist, and I have been able to continue to enjoy that at Aberdeen Village.”

I never had to stop being social

June Hewlett has always enjoyed being a social person. She believes it is what has kept her going. “I love any social gathering we have here at Aberdeen Village, because I can visit so easily with all of my friends. I have made so many new friends, too.” June thinks it is important to keep her mind busy with puzzles, games and trivia. She enjoys it all!

I have so many options to be involved with.

Lora Mebust is so active in community life at Aberdeen Village. “If it isn’t cards or trivia, it is a social gathering or fun party celebrating something that I am involved in.”

Lora believes there is simply no reason anyone should be lonely at a senior living community. “Get out of your apartment, be involved,” she said. “It makes me feel so good and productive.”

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Lora Mebust[/caption]

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June Hewlett[/caption]

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Ardis Burley[/caption]

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