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You see an envelope; she sees a potential work of art

Aberdeen Village resident Esther Minter has always found a way to keep busy with her hands.

“Whenever the television was on, I would do everything from doodling to creating illuminations,” she shared. “One day, I started making things out of envelopes.”

The inside of any envelope will often contain different designs or folds, which gave Esther an idea.

“It just came to me,” she laughed. “I started to create flowers from the envelopes and before long, I was off and running.”

She eventually became so good at the craft, that she had an idea that turned into a beautiful Christmas display.

“I created a manger scene with Mary and Joseph and, of course, the baby Jesus,” she said. “I’m pretty proud of it.”

She began sharing her work by leaving flowers and other creations for her fellow residents and eventually, even taught a class on how to create art from envelopes.

“I even dressed as an envelope for Halloween!” she smiled.

When her husband moved to memory care, she made a string of flowers that she placed on his door.

“Eventually I moved them to my door and then one of our cleaning ladies took them to place on her locker,” she said. “I guess I got some good mileage out of those flowers!”

Minter believes she has a gift and enjoys sharing that artistic ability with others. If she can craft a flower or even something as intricate as a manger scene and share it with others to brighten their day, she’s done her part to bring some joy to her friends and neighbors.

“I enjoy it and it keeps me busy,” she said.

She also enjoys doing other art. Her photography work was entered in the annual Art is Ageless® competition and is now featured in the 2024 calendar.

Join us in celebrating this incredibly talented Aberdeen Village resident!

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